Name Price Description Location

Star Pendant 4000 Protects against Poison Exchange for Item Coupon B in Shinra Tower

Tailsman 4000 Spirit+10 After Defeating H0512 in Shinra Tower

Protect Vest 3500 Vitality+10 After Defeating Rufus on Shinra Tower Balcony

Poison Ring 0 Absorbs Poison Attacks After Defeating Motorball on Midgar Highway

Power Wrist 7500 Power+10 After Defeating Bottomswell in Junon Harbor

Silver Glasses 3000 Protests Against Darkness Shop in Junon

Headband 3000 Protects Against Sleep Shop in Junon

White Cape 5000 Protects against Frog/Small After Defeating Jenova-BIRTH on Shinra Boat

Fire Ring 8000 Nullifies Fire Attacks Basement of Costa Del Sol House

Fury Ring 5000 Automaticly puts you in Berserk Gongaga Town

Fairy Ring 3500 Protests Against Poison/Darkness Cosmo Canyon Caves

Jem Ring 7500 Protects Against Paralyze/Petrify/Slow Numb After Defeating Scorpion in Nibel Mountains

Earrings 7500 Magic+10 Shop in Rocket Town

Choco Feather 10000 Dexterity+10 Shop in Wutai

Peace Ring 0 Protests Against Berserk,Fury,And Sadness After Defeating Rapps on the Da-chao Statue

Champion Belt 0 Power+10,Strength+10 16,000 BP at Battle Square

Ribbon 0 Immune to All Statuse Attacks Cetra Shrine(Door 5)

Water Bracelet 0 Drains Water Attacks Corral Valley

HypnoCrown 0 Increases Manipulation Rate Corral Valley Cave

Safety Bit 0 Immune to Sudden Death/Petrify/Slow Numb Great Glacier

Reflect Ring 0 Automatically sets up Reflect After defeating Jenova-Death in Whirlwind Maze

Ice Ring 8000 Nullifies Cold Attacks After Defeating Chekhov,Shop in Mideel

Amulet 10000 Luck+10 Shop in Mideel

Bolt Ring 8000 Nullifies Lightning Attacks Shop in Mideel

Tough Ring 0 Vitality&Strength+50 Steal from Reno in Midgar Sewers

Tetra Elementals 0 Absorbs Fire,Ice,Thunder and Earth and converts to HP Final Dungeon

Sneak Glove 0 Increase Stealing% Rate Sector 6 Slums(Weapons Shop)

Cat's Bell 0 Restors HP as you walk Gold Saucer(Chocobo Race)