Item Name , Effect . Item Name ,Effect

Potion , Restores HP by 100. S-Mine ,Explosive Damage on one opponent

Hi-Potion , Restores HP by 500 . 8-Inch Cannon , Explosive Damage against one opponent

X-Potion , Fully Restores HP. Graviball , Uses "Demi" against one opponent

Ether ,Restores MP by 100 . T/S Bomb, Uses "Demi2" against one opponent

Turbo Ether , Fully restores MP. Dazers, Paralyzes one opponent

Elixer, Fully restores HP/MP. Dragon Fang , Lightning damage against all opponents

Mega Elixer, Fully restores all members' HP/MP. , Spider Web Slows all opponents

Phenox Down , Restores life. Bird Wing , Uses Whirlwind on all opponents

Tent , Restores ally's maximum HP/MP;use at save point. Light barrier , Casts "Barrier" around all allies

Luck Source,Raises [Luck].Hyper,Cures [Sadness]

Speed Source,Raises [Dexterity].Tranquilizer,Cures [Fury]

Mind Source,Raises [Spirit].Vaccine,Protects against Transformations

Magic Source,Raises [Magic Power].Eye Drops,Cures [Darkness]

Guard Source,Raises [Vitality].Hero Drink,Raises Ability once During Battle

Power Source,Raises [Strength].Speed Drink,Casts [Haste] on one ally

Grenade,Explosive Damage against one opponent.Smoke Bomb,Can escape frome opponents during Battle

Sharpnel,Explosive Damage against all opponents.Remedy,Cures Abnormal Status

Right Arm,Explosive damage against all opponents.Echo Screen,cures [Silence]

Dream Powder,Uses "Sleepel" on all opponents.Cornucopia,Cures [Small]

Mute Mask,Uses "Silence" on all opponents.Maiden's Kiss,Cures [Frog]

War Gong,Uses "Berserk" on all opponents.Soft,Cures [Petrify]

Loco Weed,Uses "Confu" on all opponents.Antidote,Cures [Poison]

Fire Fang,Uses "Fire2" on all opponents.Sylkis Greens,When you want a Chocobo

Fire Veil,Uses"Fire3" on all opponents.Reagan Greens,When you want a Chocobo

Antartic Wind,Uses "Ice2" on all opponents.Mimett Greens,When you want a Chocobo

Ice Crystal,Uses "Ice3" on all opponents.Curiel Greens,When you want a Chocobo

Bolt Plume,Uses "Bolt2"on all opponents.Phasana Greens,When you want a Chocobo

Swift Bolt,Uses "Bolt3" on all opponents.Krakka Greens,When you want a Chocobo

Earth Drum,Uses "Quake2" on all opponents.Zeio Nut,For Breeding Chocobos

Deadly Waste,Uses "Bio2" on all opponents.Carob Nut,For Breeding Chocobos

M-Tenticals,Uses "Bio3'on all opponents.Porov Nut,For breeding Chocobos

Stardust,Uses "Comet2"on all opponents.Pram Nut,For Breeding Chocobos

Holy Touch,Uses "DeSpell"on one ally.Lasan Nut,For Breeding Chocobos

Ink,Uses "Darkness on all opponents.Sahara Nut,For Breeding Chocobos

Vampire Fang,Sucks HP out of one opponent.Luchile Nut,For Breeding Chocobos

Ghost Hand,Sucks MP out of one opponent.Pepio Nut,For Breeding Chocobos

Dragon Scales,Water Damage on all opponents.Tissue,This one's a little tough...

Impaler,Changes one opponent to a frog.1/35 Soldier,Shinra Armored "attack" Soldiers:12 in a set

Shrivel,Uses "Mini" on one opponent.Save Crystal, Use inside Northern Cave

Molotov,Fire Damege on one opponent.Super Sweeper,A new Machine to Protect The Reactor

Rare Items

Pharmacy Coupons,Wall Market

Cotton Dress,Wall Market

Satin Dress,Wall Market

Silk Dress,Wall Market

Wig,Wall Market

Blonde Wig,Wall Market

Dyed Wig,Wall Market

Disinfectant,Wall Market

Deoderent,Wall Market

Digestive,Wall Market

Cologne,Wall Market

Flower Cologne,Wall Market

Sexy Cologne,Wall Market

Glass Tiara,Wall Market

Ruby Tiara,Wall Market

Dimond Tiara,Wall Market

Member's Card,Wall Market

Keycard 60,Shinra Corporate Tower Level 59

Keycard 62,Shinra Corporate Tower Level 61

Keycard 65,Shinra Corporate Tower Level 62

Midgar Parts,Shinra Corporate Tower Level 65

Keycard 66,Shinra Corporate Tower Level 65

Keycard 68,Shinra Corporate Tower Level 68

PHS,Kalm Town

Basement Key,Shinra Mansion

Keystone,Dio's Showroom in Gold Saucer

Black Materia,Temple of the Ancients

Glacier Map,Icicle Inn

Snowboard,Icicle Inn

Mythril,Sleeping Man in Eastern Continent Cave

Levithan Scales,Underwater Reactor

Huge Materia,North Corel(after stopping Coal Train)

Huge Materia,Fort Condor

Huge Materia,Shinra No. 26

Huge Materia,Downed Submarine

Key to Ancients,Beneath Northern Continent